Displayoff is a mobile app that gives information, location, and promotion of businesses. It allows buyers to save money and participate in many contests for prizes any time they buy inside of a business.
IOS and Android.
No. Displayoff only promotes the products and services of a business.
Anyone who wants to know the best promotions of a business or wants to get more information about the services provided by the business.
Supermarkets, restaurants, wholesalers, brokers, and vendors.
Be sure that your personal information is correct. Otherwise, there will be problems when claiming any prizes that are won.
This option is only for businesses, here one will find all of the businesses that move large quantities of product.
It is the button that opens the scanner from the app. It will allow the user to scan the Qr code located in the business’s point of payment.
At the time of payment, the user will click the “scan visit” button located in the app. After that he must scan the Qr code from the business to register and to participate in the prizes of that business.
Yes. Not all of the businesses will have available prizes, but when you register there are more possibilities to win a prize from that business in the future.
The user will be notified through the app. He will receive a message from the business explaining to him what he has won.
The app user must go to the customer service of the business and show his ID to verify his personal information. If the app user for any reason cannot prove that he is the owner of the account or if he does not claim his prize in 48 hours, this prize will be cancelled. The cashier will not be authorized to deliver any prizes.
The promotions will remain in this savings list until they reach their expiration date, and then they will disappear automatically from the app.
The promotion is the best discounted offer, but the flyer has all of the promotional products offered by the business.
The flyer can be opened from a mobile device without one having to go to the business.
Each promotion and flyer have an expiration date which guarantees the user that the promotions and flyer are current.
This button shows all of the displays that the business has. The displays are all of the promotional products located at the end of the lines in a supermarket.
Yes. The app allows the user to save the businesses and promotions that he wants in favorites and in the savings list.
The app works with a tracking system in the mobile device to allow the user to locate and determine the distance from a business.
Yes, any business can register for free from the website, displayoff.com, in “Free Registration”. Unfortunately, the business cannot use all of the marketing tools available in the app. For that reason, it is recommended to subscribe for free for a month to know how the app operates.
The business must enter the website, displayoff.com, and select the free subscription plan. This is the best plan offered. After completing the basic registration and credit card information, it will be activated for free for one month. If the subscription has not been cancelled before the next month, the same plan will automatically be renewed, and its corresponding value will be charged to the credit card that the business provided.
Subscription plans are charged every month, and the forms of payments accepted are Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or PayPal. These payments will be automatically deducted from the credit card that the subscriber provided at the time of registration.
The business must contact Displayoff via email to request that they do not make further deductions from their credit card or enter the business’s “Administrator” to cancel their plan before the next month of subscription.
Supermarkets, restaurants, wholesalers, brokers, and vendors.
These are businesses that sell large amounts of product, generally by case or pallet.
These are businesses that sell to the wholesalers.
Subscribe for one of the eight subscription plans: basic, standard, premium, elite, silver or gold.
It is the web access that the business subscribing to Displayoff has to use. The business can upload product information, promotions, displays, pictures, videos, banners, and prizes into the app. Also, it allows businesses to know and analyze the data base of promotions and customers.
A business administrator is required per location. Every business needs to have its own password to manage its own database of promotions and customers.
Products that are bought in bulk, excess inventory, seasonal products, products with slow rotation, or products with a short date.
No. The system automatically deletes the flyer or the promotions at the due date previously established by the business administrator.
PDF or JPEG format.
The banner and the promotional video inside the app can be a permanent or rotative advertising to promote a product, brand, or business. These will be located at the center of the app when one selects a business.
If one does not have the gold or e-commerce plus subscription plan, he must select the promotional banner plan or the corporative banner plan to be able to use these services.
This option allows the business to use the app to offer furniture, fixtures, or equipment that belong to the business. It is a tool to convert whatever the business does not use into cash. Only the users of the silver, gold, e-commerce, or e-commerce plus plan can use this option.
This option allows wholesalers to upload into the app all of the excess inventory or product in quantity that they want to sale. Only the e-commerce and e-commerce plus plan users can use this option.
It is an option where customers can ask a business any question through their mobile device. This important tool allows the customer to quickly contact the business at any time. This option will only be available in the elite, silver, gold, e-commerce and e-commerce plus plans.
Yes. Displayoff has the tools and expertise to design and manage a promotional program for a business. Contact us for more information.
The impact is measured through the number of customers visits registered for the mobile app. The Displayoff “business administrator” can save this useful information to create future promotional programs and prizes for the business.
Anytime. Just send an email to Displayoff requesting its termination.